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An horizontal story, a yet unpublished narrative experience, thought and designed by Mikaël Cixous, sound designed by Jean-Jacques Birgé.Boum! is an unpublished narrative experience for tablets, aimed to small great humans.A wordless tale spreads itself horizontally, offering a graphical and acoustic immersion into a poetic universe that everyone, across all ages, will appropriate as one wants, at one's own rate.
Boum! suggests a new way to dive into a story : The screen of the tablet becomes a window behind which one slides an infinite strip. The simplicity of interactivity, the uninterrupted progression of the hundred of pictures, the immersion provided by stereo sound, the sensitive pleasure of sliding, offer a whole new experience that leaves place for everyone's imagination and freedom of interpretation.
Boum! is the story of a guy very lonely and grey, that leaves home to his job, and as any mornings, follows the straight line leading him to the factory, without even thinking to look up at the sky.But on this day, snow starts falling, and the line vanishes…A wink at Prévert and his "Temps perdu", Boum! is a moment of poetry to share, or to enjoy on your own.The absence of spoken or written words widens the field to any ages and any countries.
As for any works of "Les Inéditeurs", an interactive cover opens the story, an experimental appetizer that engages to the favorable atmosphere for contemplation and discovery.One could look at the cover playing by itself in a generative way, or handle it very simply.Here, take your time, let the slow time set in…
/// Educational bonusesThe wordless story and the acoustic climate encourage the child to tell his/her own story, thus practicing an exercise of mental structuration on the narrative, without noticing it.For the toddlers, a walk guided by an adult would help to go further into the thread of the story.The interactive cover also constitutes a fresh "memory game", allowing the child to anticipates the disclosure of animated patterns, based on the former repetition of them.
/// The creatorsA team of french seasoned people in digital creation, notably for young audience, who crafts multimedia since the very beginnings, and who creates and spread unpublished quality works, out of the mainstream shapes.